Delano Chamber of Commerce

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    My first foothold into the community and the powers that be.

    Central Valley Office Supply

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    This is one of my earliest websites and I am so proud of how it came out.

    Wild West Agility


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      Marq and I built this whole website with e-mail – no phone calls! I guess we would be a great team at Pictionary.

      Chili Cook-Off

      Chili Cook-Off

      Chili Cook Off Screen Shot

      Alas, the Great Central California Chili Cook-Off is over just as fast as it started. We had big plans, food, celebrity chefs, and excellent entertainment (and an outstanding website) all lined up but we couldn’t make it happen.

      My 3 Friends

      My 3 Friends

      My 3 Dogs at the Beach

      The best friends a guy could ask for.

      Gold Coast Area Narcotics Anonymous

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      Pretty big website I donated to this non-profit.

      Parov Stelar Band

      I love the sounds this guys and dolls produce.

      USDAA Nationals – 2004

      The United States Dog Agility Association Championships with teams from all over the world there (West World in Scottsdale, AZ)
      This was so much to compete and celebrate with good friends. A Once In A Lifetime experience that we got to do three years in a row.